Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Weekday Event

Event Date
Wednesday, Apr 24
Event Format
2-Man Alternate Shot
Event Director
Peter Berk

3-Month Low Handicap Index will be used for this event.

White Tees (68.7/119) will be used for this event.

NOTE - Some players may be designated to play from the red tees with applicable adjustment to their Course Handicap per USGA rule 3-5.

Event Description

This is a Play-It-Down, Non-postable event.

As written previously:

Player 1 tees off on odd numbered holes, player 2 on even numbered holes.

NOTE: ON THE PAR 3's: ALL WHO ARE IN A CTP COMPETITION tee off for the CTP competition only (several are in neither: you don't tee off). What that's saying is, If it's not your hole for your alternating tee shot, take a tee shot for the CTP competitions anyway: you can mark it for CTP but then pick the ball up: it is NOT to be used for the alternating part of the event.

After the tee shot, your playing partner hits the next shot, then you and so forth until the ball is holed out. (The next TEE shot is hit by the guy who DIDN'T hit i he tee shot on the whole just completed.)

Hey, figure it out...

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