Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Weekend Event

Event Date
Saturday, Jul 29
Event Format
2-man Alternate Shot
Event Director
Bob Grassa

3-Month Low Handicap Index will be used for this event.

Blue Tees (71.2/125) will be used for this event.

NOTE - Players 70 and older or with a handicap index greater than 19.5 may choose to play from the white tees with applicable adjustment to their Course Handicap per USGA rule 3-5.

Event Description

True Scotch today, gentlemen.  

That means nothing under your kilts!

Decide before you start your round, which partner will tee off on the odd holes, and which partner will tee off on the even holes.  Just one ball, player A tees off, player B hits the second shot, player A hits the third, and so on until you have holed out.

Don't forget to bring your team bottle, because its "make a double, drink a double" rules today.

This round will NOT be posted.

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