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Both players points totaled together

Just like last year.  You, your partner, and a quest for points.

Team event = Net event

  • Points are earned (or lost) as follows:
  • - 3 for a net double bogey (maximum you can make)
  • - 1 for a net bogey
  • Zero for a net par
  • + 2 for a net birdie
  • + 5 for a net eagle
  • + 9 for a net double eagle (do better than that, and we cut you handicap in half!)

Sunday, Dec 01
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Named after a former President, we swapped the names to protect his identity

It's an Individual.  You know the drill.

Sunday, Sep 29
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Four man Blind Draw. Best net score and worst net score added for team score

Way more fun than you might think.  There will be lots of side games, like net Hero skins, net Bum skins, CTP's.  Did I mention the incredible weather?

Sunday, Sep 08
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

Again, an Individual with all the fixings!

Sunday, Aug 11
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Two man team event. One Geeze, one non-Geeze

A "Geeze", for our purposes, is someone over the age of 62.  Or has a handicap of 18 or more.  Or perhaps both.  Everyone else is a non-Geeze.  Pair yourself up accordingly, or I will do it for you.  An event not to be missed!  By the way, Geezes play the whites, their non-Geeze partners play the blues.

Sunday, Jul 07
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Lets welcome the Summer with an Individual

Pretty much the same old same old.

Sunday, Jun 23
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Keep 2 par 3's, 5 par 4's, and 2 par 5's

Time to bust out the Tecate's and celebrate Cinco de Mayo, everyones favorite American drinking holiday, with a round of golf.  You are going to end up with a 9 hole score by keeping your best two par 3's and 5's, along with your 5 best par 4's.  Now, some holes are better than others, so just play hard, and let me figure out which holes you are keeping.  Plus all the usual CTP, opt. Gross skins, play the blues, whites, yada yada yada.

Sunday, May 05
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

A fancy name for what amounts to a regular old individual event.  

9 handicaps and below play the Blues.  10 handicaps and above (or 62 years and above) can play the whites, in their own flight(s), if they let me know in the remarks when they enter, otherwise you'll be playing (and perhaps singing) the Blues.  CTP's from both tees, and optional Gross skins from the blues.

Sunday, Mar 03
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2 egg, I mean Man, Scramble

A  two man scramble, which means find a partner.  Both tee off.  Pick the best shot.  Both hit from there.  Repeat this until your ball is in the hole.  Go to next tee. Do it again.   This, as all our team events, will be a net event (with perhaps an overall low net..and low gross??).  The team handicap will be 44% of the lowest handicapper added to 22% of the highest handicapper, rounded to 1 decimal point.

Sunday, Feb 10
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

Welcome back to BPMGC's Weekend Warriors!

Just a simple individual event, with CTP's (from both tees) and optional Gross Skins game (from the Blues only).  Please indicate in the remarks when you enter, what tees you want to play from.  9 and below play the Blues.  10 and above can play either whites or blues, as can 62 years old and above (as long as your hdcp is above a 10).  The whites will compete in their own flight(s), and have their own CTP's.  However, if you don't let me know in will be playing (and/or singing) the Blues.

Sunday, Jan 20