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You CAN'T enter this one. But you CAN play if you Won.

Winners Only.  If you win any of the weekend events, gross or net, individual or team, you are IN

Sunday, Dec 08
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Individual, with overall Low Net being our Champion

This event may be changing dates, and perhaps moving to a Wednesday as well.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, Nov 10
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2 day Best Ball of Best Balls, with yourself and a Guest of your choosing

Let's try something different.  Invite a friend, family member, business associate, whoever.  Just someone who is NOT a member at Balboa.  Just a weekend of golf, with maybe an extracurricular activity or two away from the Club as well.

Round 1: Saturday, Oct 19
Round 2: Sunday, Oct 20
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Here you go, guys; the preliminary (and probably final) tee times for Tuesday's round will be on the website momentarily. Wednesday's round is likely to look a lot like Tuesday's for your tee times. if there are MAJOR changes I will post a new sheet, otherwise show up for the same times (except the last 2 groups who may move up 7 minutes).

  • 12 4-somes, largely compiled by handicaps, except for the several that asked to be paired with a fellow competitor.
  • 4 flights as reasonably as I could make them.
  • PLEASE keep up with the group in front of you. No maximum scores; no gimmes. 
  • There will be Day Money.

PAY ME BEFORE YOU TEE OFF or you will be disqualified!

  • 2 day players $20 + $10 (CTP) = $30
  • 1 day competitors $15 + $5 (CTP) = $20

Round 1: Tuesday, Sep 03
Round 2: Wednesday, Sep 04
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3 rounds. Low Gross total is our Club Champ

This is what many have built their summer schedules around.  Three rounds from the Blues to determine our 85th Club Champion.  Saturday, Sunday, and Sunday, July 20th, 21st, and 28th.

Round 1: Saturday, Jul 20
Round 2: Sunday, Jul 21
Round 3: Sunday, Jul 28
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Just two men, and their best

Pretty straight forward.  Net best ball of partners.  The top two teams overall move on to represent Balboa at the SCGA two man later in the year.  The usual CTP's and opt. Gross Skins too.  Winners must both play from the Blue tees.

Sunday, Jun 02
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Our annual Club Match Play....6 wins from Victory

  • Saturday  March 30th...1st round of Matches ( 64 to 32 )
  • Sunday  March 31st...2nd round of Matches ( 32 to 16 )
  • Sunday  April 7th...3rd round of Matches ( 16 to 8 ) must be played on or before this date.
  • Sunday  April 28th...4th round of Matches ( 8 to 4 ) must be played on or before this date.
  • Saturday  May 4th...Semifinal Matches ( 4 to 2 ) must be played on or before this date.
  • Saturday  May 11th...Final Match ( 2 to Champion) must be played on or before this date.


Round 1 (64 to 32): Saturday, Mar 30
Round 2 (32 to 16): Sunday, Mar 31
Round 3 (16 to 8): Sunday, Apr 07
Round 4 (8 to 4): Sunday, Apr 28
Semi-Finals (4 to 2): Saturday, May 04
Finals (2 to Champion): Saturday, May 11
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2 Day combined score MAJOR

Our 1st Major of the Season.  2 rounds played on Sat. & Sun. March 16 & 17.  Low net score cumulative over the 2 rounds is our Champion.  Day money, CTP, optional Gross skins both days.  Champion MUST play from the Blue tees.  Lots of bonus money too.

Round 1: Saturday, Mar 16
Round 2: Sunday, Mar 17