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Monday, Aug 05
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Monday, Sep 30

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8 am shotgun

LET ME CLARIFY PAYMENTS DUE: Some have merely sent the Green Fee portion as they haven't read the rest of the information.

First 80 PAID MEMBER signees will pay $75 (+$5 for Optional Net Skins = $80)for the green fees (including range balls, carts, and lunch), and flight and CTP competitions. (Guests: $55 + $5 for CTP.)

After the first 80, the cosis $80 + optional $5 for the Net Skins. (Guests: $60 + optinal $5 for CTP.)

Anyone unpaid by 5/3 will go on a Wait List.

Monday, Jun 03
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Fairbanks Ranch CC: Clarifications

Monday 2/25

9 AM 


First Flight plays from the White Tees.

    Balance of Men to play from the Gold Tees.

    Women to play from the Green Tees unless you have a handicap under 10 and prefer to play Golds.

Valley course will be played as first 9 holes on your scorecard; the Lake course as holes 10-18 on your scorecard

There are A and B pairings on the par 4’s and 5’s

Find your cart and feel free to change cart partners FROM WITHIN YOUR PAIRING GROUP. 

Do not exchange someone from a different pairing group into your group.

I will post the scores for those who have given me ghin numbers.

I will be taking the scorecards home to tally the results, which will be posted and reported within a day.

Arrangements will be made to pay those who win $$$.

I'm sure I omitted SOMETHING but we'll deal with it later it it's really a problem.

Monday, Feb 25