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Celebration of 2019 Achievements - Dinner, Raffles and more

Our Annual Dinner celebration of the Men’s Club is to be held Tuesday, January 14.

Given the constraints of restaurant accessibility, room size and food types, it is to be at The Old Spaghetti Factory again.

  • NOTE: One peculiarity is that, should we have more than 100 attendees, OSF will only be serving 2 entrees. If we have fewer than 100 and we can have 3 entree choices.

   Accordingly, you will be asked to GIVE AN ALTERNATIVE entree choice when signing up and making your primary and secondary selections from the following (cost, WHICH CAN BE PAID VIA CLUB CREDITS or VENMO, is $35):

  •     Meat Lovers Spaghetti,
  •     Lasagna, 
  •     Chicken Marsala
  • Please note, gluten-free and vegan entrees can also be selected: contact me if you’re so interested and I will inform you of the details.

fyi: Entrees come with a salad and vanilla ice cream for desert. 

The bar will be open at 5pm; raffle tickets for several Away Event golf course 4-somes and nearly a dozen Gift certificates at local restaurants as well as cash will be available for purchase from 5pm until dinner at 6 pm.  

PLEASE advise of your intention to ATTEND or not, and, if attending, select your primary and secondary entree choices and, then, MAKE ARRANGEMENTS to pay the appropriate amount for your dinner, as above.

The 1st 100 ATTENDEES / PAYEES will definitely be admitted to the event. If we have greater than 100, we will determine whether we shift to 2 entrees and admit all who signed up or serve those first 100 any of their 3 choices.

Send inquiries me at berkabee@happyaccidents.net

Tuesday, Jan 14

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2018 Season Wrap Up Dinner

January 8 at 5 pm at The Olde Spaghetti Factory. 275 Fifth Avenue, downtown.

This is our first literal Invitation to our 6th Annual Awards Dinner.

Only 42 of our club members responded to my earlier email about preferred meals at a new location (36 said they’d attend!) and Away Events.

Accordingly, after comparing the 2 locations offerings, general restrictions and pricing considerations, I have committed to The Olde Spaghetti Factory, sight of 3 of our previous 5 Dinners, over Admiral Baker.

The date is Tuesday, January 8.

The open bar will open at 5:00.

Dinner will be approximately 6:15.

WITH ONE CONSIDERATION (below), it will be a choice of 

  •    Meat Lover’s Treat
  •    Chicken Marsala
  •    Lasagna
  • Salad, Bread and Ice Cream Dessert are included.

The consideration mentioned above is, as their upstairs drinking and eating area holds 115 people, 

  For the first 100 members, there is a choice of 3 entrees available.

If more than 100 sign up, you wil be on a Wait List.

(Btw: each of the previous years we have added about 10 more to the prior year dinner list, growing from 51 to 92 last year, so 100+ is in sight.)

Drinks are individually billed.

Price, IF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED by November 20, is $32.

Price from November 21 until Christmas, IF PAYMENT RECEIVED DURING THAT PERIOD, will be $37.

Thereafter, if there is room, $50

Commitment but Non-payment will be deducted from your Club Credits.

If you have a credit balance with the Men’s Club, it will automatically be used when you sign up so you have 1 less thing to worry about and I won’t have to run you down your payment!

Along the same lines, we WILL be having Away Events next year. The 42 guys who responded to my earlier inquiry indicated they wanted Away Events. 

They picked:

  •      Fairbanks Ranch CC 
  •      Lomas Sta Fe CC  
  •      CC of Rancho Bernardo  
  •      Bernardo Heights CC (as revised)

in that order as the courses they wanted us to commit to. (Bernardo Heights was not on the original list due to its distance from here; it could be added if enough of you indicate you’d like that one as well.) 

For those committing to an Away Event and who have credits with the Club, it has been arranged that those credits would be used to pay for that Away Event. (This is NOT to be done for at-Balboa events.) 

Such payments would qualify for the 20% Early Bird payment bonuses (when you place in the Flight competitions).

So, please, PLEASE, PLEASE sign up early. 

It’s Member’s Only; no spouses, girlfriends, neighbors or pets…those are for our post-Wednesday Happy Hours only!

Tuesday, Jan 08