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Outside soak-up-summer HH

You know the UN-routine: another opp to be with friends and celebrate summer.

Wednesday, Aug 14

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Firecracker HH

Morning: the annual Firecracker event; afternoon a firecracker of a happy hour: 4:30 til dark! 


Wednesday, Jul 10
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Warmer weather happy hour fest

We’ll find another patio for our spring into summer HH.

Join those who already know the delight of friends, feasts and a libation or 2.

Or 3.

Location IS determined!!

10 Barrel Brewing

1501 E Street


see you there

Wednesday, Jun 12
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Happy happy hour

Went to a new spot ROVINO (RO-tisserie and Vino (wine), get it?? , in Little Italy.

Kettner between Hawthorn and Grape, west side of the street, next to Waterfron Bar.

GOOOOD food, goood pricing, superb service... and Wednesdays is extra $$ off the price of a bottle of REALLY good wine!

Walk, trolley, even drive and park! Join those who want golf and more!

4:30-6:00 or 6:30 or ....

Please Sign-up so I can get a count for our new BFF's!

Wednesday, May 08
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Eat, drink and be merry!

We’re going to give Jimmy’s FAT (Famous American Tavern) in Point Loma just past the airport and Marine Depot another go! 

Patio seating! Great setting.

4:30 until you can’t eat or drink anymore, he said merrily!

Wednesday, Apr 10
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Happy Hour at Nonna

4:30 to 6:30 or whenever!

Another Busalacchi gem.

Join us!

Wednesday, Mar 13
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4:30-6:00 +

My oversight: we have a happy hour at Joey's place Wednesday the 13th.

He was Host of the Year in 2018...how about a little socializing there after our Individual event earlier in the day??

Signing up would be nice but come on over even if you don't sign up. (Maybe email me to let me know??)

Wednesday, Feb 13